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about us.

“They came out of Salt Lake City”! Has often been the reaction to founder’s unique and refreshing sound. “We’ve heard it time and time again, but good music is good music regardless of where you’re from,” was also the simple response.


Salt lake City, the home of the 2002 Olympics, “the best snow on earth”, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Zion’s National Park and The Bonneville Salt-Flats. Not the most likely place to find a Hip-Hop influenced production team. But there is reason to believe that’s its very possible, when their music speaks for itself.


Combining an interesting blend of “raw” rhythms and intriguing melodies while emphasizing on a “simple approach”, is what would best describe BEATBLAZER’S sound. Although beats and keyboard riffs, samples…. and more samples primarily make up for what is now main-stream hip-hop music, BEATBLAZER, has taken a musician approach and added songwriting and stylistic vocal arranging as a component to their music, thus allowing the R&B cross-over ability that is often showcased in their projects.


Currently the duo has crafted work for television shows such as; The Mentalist, The Glades, Melrose Place, Sons of Anarchy, HBO's Ray Donovan, & Shameless among others. Their music has also been featured in such films as Magic Mike XXL, Paranormal Activity, Janky Promoters, MTV Films Dance Flick,  Barbershop 3 and many more. Their placements also include video games for XBOX and Sony PlayStation. 


Radio stations and DJ’s alike have represented and endorsed BEATBLAZER as part of “THE NEXT WAVE OF THE MUSIC ERA.” “Our goal isn’t to represent where we’re from, just the music we’ve done. It's not where you’re from... it’s where you’re at.”

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